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Responsible for more than 2,000,000 customer arrivals

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Offering paperless performance, Wherewolf replaces waivers and forms with a beautifully customised arrival app for your business. Flawless functionality speeds up the welcome process while delivering greater control over the customer experience the moment they arrive. Let first impressions become lasting impressions while simultaneously capitalising on the need to gather information.

Forget paper. Find focus.

Make operations more efficient by managing customers the way you need to. View trip manifests, allocate equipment, assign staff and know everything about customers onsite.

“For office use only” is a thing of the past.

Keep conversation going with incredible inbuilt marketing functions and automated emails. Most importantly, gain the discernment to make decisions that’ll grow your business.

ATA Winner 2014Best Innovation Award - Australasian Adventure Travel AwardsATA Winner 2014

Unforgettable features for brilliant business

Wherewolf will enable you to know your customers inside out, so you can grow your business.

  • iPad check-in

    Collect everything you need from name and signature to marketing questions and email address.

  • Operational dashboard

    View all the information collected from any connected device.

  • Marketing suite

    Generate reports, filter for targeted analysis and automate follow up emails

  • Trip manifests

    A complete overview of all the customers in a trip including details like medical information

  • Trip reports

    A trip report is a combination of the customers and information from that trip, staff can sign off.

  • Active guests

    Ideal for companies that hire. Active guests is who is live with your equipment

  • Tally sheets

    Keep track of individuals purchases onsite. Like a tab system, you can total it at the end.

  • Load organiser

    Ideal for scuba or skydivers, group customers together, allocate staff, & equipment.

  • Integrated partners

    Do you need to send the information to another program, CRM or Booking system, get developer access to integrate.

Taking care of more than 4000 arrivals every day

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One off set up fees apply, depending on customisation required.

Customised check-in
Automated follow-up emails
Guest analytics & insights
Hosting & security
Support training
Changes / Modifications
Daily guest list
Trip manifests
Active guests
Trip reports
Flight / Dive logs
Multi Language
Integrated partners

+ $35pm additional locations

+ $10pm plugins

$105pm load organiser - weight & balance

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